Lumintop FW1A Reflector Options

Lumintop FW1A initially had a lovely reflector with great focus. Then, Lumintop released FW1A Pro with a different reflector. To simplify, they started to use the FW1A Pro reflector in all FW1A’s. The problem is that the FW1A Pro reflector stinks. It’s fine for the giant XHP50.2 in FW1A Pro, but it does a terrible job focusing small, throwy emitters (like the SFT40 in my FW1A).

For awhile, some users have tried to shoehorn other reflectors into FW1A by cutting them down but that’s a difficult process and sometimes the reflector is ruined (that’s what happened when I tried it). I also tried the reflector and gasket from a Thrunite Thrower, which works beautifully, but it’s too small so I have to use a 3D printed spacer to hold it in place, and it requires you to buy a $50 headlamp just to get the reflector and gasket out of it.

Fortunately, Kaidomain released a new reflector recently that’s the perfect size for FW1A. It drops right in and works significantly better than the stock reflector (though not as well as a Thrunite Thrower reflector). You’ll just need to grab the appropriate centering gasket for whatever emitter you choose. I used a Noctigon KR1 SFT40 centering gasket.

Below are some quick indoor beamshot comparisons between the stock reflector, new perfectly-sized kaidomain reflector, and a Thrunite Thrower reflector. I didn’t do any candela measurements for the Kaidomain reflector, but I got 40kcd from the Thrunite reflector and 24kcd from the stock reflector. The Kaidomain reflector appears to be somewhere in the middle, but closer to the Thrunite reflector.

FW1A Pro Reflector | Kaidomain Reflector
Kaidomain Reflector | Thrunite Thrower Reflector
FW1A Pro Reflector | Thrunite Thrower Reflector