Review Agreement

  • I will not be paid for writing the review nor to receive any commission from sales. My only compensation for writing the review should be receipt & ownership of the flashlight sample itself.
  • I will not provide additional posts about product announcements or sales. My agreement to review a product will only include the review itself and the posting of that review to the social media channels where I am active (particularly r/flashlight). I am happy to include information about an upcoming flash sale in my review post.
  • I am not obligated to accommodate any request from the sender regarding the content of my review. If there are particular details the sender would like me to include in the review, I can likely accommodate that. I will not accommodate requests to omit negative feedback from my review. The sender will not have the opportunity to review & approve my review before it is posted.
  • I normally require 2-3 weeks to write & post my review after I have received the light. If I receive multiple products from at once, I may need additional time to complete all of the reviews before posting. If the review needs to be posted on a particular date to align with a product launch or similar situation, I will do my best to accommodate that.